Hayden NG <hng@su.mt>

Projects I've made some things, from my own interperated language to a web server and then some minecraft games, see some more about them below.

And a few more random things. I also try to automate some things I do, basically making lots of little bots.

Minecraft On Minecraft, I have a few accounts, my main one is msdc (For my main playing) and uivl, which is/was a Bot account used for data collecting, and for my random practices.

DEC DEC is a Script/Maybe crytocurrency that uses 'mining' (calculating) blocks of prime numbers, for a prime number, an X is appended to a file, for a non-prime, a - is appended (every 100 symbol's, a new line is applied). There are 2 types of DEC blocks (click to show):

MS MS is an Interperated program language with multiple features, a demo of it's schema is at schema.txt. It loops through the code and supports several basic functions

Wide Private Network is a small VPN network interconnecting every network and server I have, it connects smaller laptop clients to some Windows netdesk clients, to the Linux servers and virtual Windows Servers. DNS:, Testing domain: hng.test, Local domain & ADDS: hng.local

1I hate the term miner, whilst It's technically doing that, the client is, performing bulk calculations